Re: Using The Network At 37000 Feet

In Reply to Ted Neward’s Blog, I’m writing this entry at 37,000 feet, too. I simply had to. Being the geek that I am, I’d like to push technology to its edge and blogging down from a plane (nod to SAS and their great service) sure is something funny to do. Perhaps {feedmap} should add altitude to their properties, that we could have a competition for „highest“ blog-entry ever.


On a more serious note: it’s back to Germany for me then. Had a good time in Seattle, but I really need to go home now.

6 commenti su “Re: Using The Network At 37000 Feet

  1. Deleted sagt:

    dann freu dich mal auf dein zuhause ….;)

  2. Welcome home geek! 😉

  3. Anonymous sagt:

    Kann ich mich Betty nur anschließen.


  4. Carsti sagt:

    Jupp, danker allerseit. Mittlerweile bin ich schon wieder am Arbeiten. Oder ehrlicher gesagt: ich kuriere meinen Jetlag aus… /yawn

  5. Hope you made it home safe and sound!

  6. Carsti sagt:

    Yes, I did. Now I’m preparing for my flight to Indonesia next week. Timezones will never be the same… 😉

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