For those of us who speak some English, there is an interesting little catfight over literally nothing: Shelley Powers vs. Maryam Scoble. As far as I can tell, ignited by some chap by the blog-name of raving lunacy, who quickly threw in some insults like „Blithering Idiot“ and is now probably sitting back and enjoying how things evolve. Reading some of those entries, George Carlin constantly bantered around in the back of my head about why America goes to war ever so often…

And while I refuse to directly comment, I wonder if I can sell the idea of „Blogwars“ to Fox or even to HBO. I’m not entirely sure if it would be sitcom or drama, but I probably will spend my royalties for the „Retirement Home for Those, Who Already Had Their 15-GB-of-Fame.“ 😀

Okay, one side note about the Scobles: ever since he dropped out of Microsoft, I stopped reading his blog–I’m not into pad-casts altogether–but I still read hers. So far about dependencies.

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